Welcome to the Sime Darby Hotspot Dashboard. This Dashboard tracks and reports hotspot occuring within our concession areas. Sime Darby Plantation (SDP) implemented zero burning policy in 1985, and we strictly adhere to it. Read More.

To view hotspot details, click on a region in the map below.
Latest Hotspot Detected: 02 Jan 2020
Mandah Estate
Total number of hotspots detected:
Total number of confirm fire:
Total Number of Confirm Fires Within Sime Darby Concession Area:
Total Number of Fires Outside Sime Darby Concession Area:
Please click at the ‘Red Dot’ on the map to see the details.
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Location Number of hotspots detected Number of confirm fire Number of Confirm Fire Within Concession Area Number of Confirm Fire Outside Concession Area
Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea 0 1
Poliamba, Papua New Guinea 0 0
West New Britain, Papua New Guinea 6 0
Ramu Valley, Papua New Guinea 32 2
Johor, Malaysia 0 2
Sarawak, Malaysia 0 0
Selangor, Malaysia 0 0
Riau, Indonesia 29 177
Gusap, Papua New Guinea 0 0
Higaturu Oil Palm, Papua New Guinea 0 0
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