Supply Chain Sustainability

Palm oil is one of the world’s most widely used commodities, and its global demand is projected to grow with the world’s rising population.

However, with this growing demand comes a genuine concern that palm oil production is driving deforestation, and as the leading producer of sustainable palm oil, we share this concern.  We believe that traceability is the next frontier in halting deforestation: tracking supply back to its source will make it possible to identify where problems exist. To ensure that accurate information is available, producers and traders of palm oil need to establish a chain of traceability that is able to track our oil palm from source to supply.

Traceability of oil palm helps producers understand supply chains, improve reporting and implement effective action plans to improve overall sustainability. In order to achieve this across the industry, there is a need for all players to share this vision, collaborate and cooperate, to implement a system that provides the regulation that is needed.

Visit Sime Darby Oil's Supply Change Management to see our global sourcing footprint, as well as progress to resolve grievances within our supply chain.
Sime Darby Plantation shall continue to find opportunities to innovate and invest in infrastructure that will help support our delivery of sustainable production. We have worked to collect, analyse and communicate information relevant to our supply chains, and call for greater industry disclosure.  Working together, we can ensure a fully traceable palm oil industry.
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