Land Management

What does No-Deforestation mean to Sime Darby Plantation?

We use the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA), which estimates the amount of carbon and biodiversity stored within an area of land, to identify areas that need protection from deforestation.

The HCSA has been established by external parties to define what constitutes forest landscapes in order to avoid deforestation. The methodology was developed by a broad group of companies and civil society organisations as a practical, transparent, robust, and scientifically credible approach that has become widely accepted as a way to implement commitments to halt deforestation in the tropics.  

What is High Conservation Value (HCV)?

​Independent HCV assessments are conducted at our plantation estates before new plantings or developments, including plantations that have yet to be certified in Indonesia.

The assessments aim to identify HCV areas that may be negatively affected by our operations. The HCV assessments are conducted in conjunction with independent Social and Environmental Impact Assessments (SEIA) that are also carried out prior to new developments including those by our suppliers. Where the loss of HCV biodiversity has been identified, Sime Darby Plantation (SDP) will develop Biodiversity Conservation Compensation Projects (BCCP) with Project-Affected Communities (PAC). Priority is given to in-situ remediation through the new planting of ERT trees in conservation areas within SDP's operations.

We have a trained internal team that conducts HCV assessments in all our operating units to identify, categorise and maintain high-risk zones from development. We also train our personnel on the ground on the HCV area management method as well as the necessity of periodical monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of management activities.

SDP is also a member of the HCV network.
  Malaysia Indonesia Papua New Guinea &
Solomon Islands
Total landbank (ha) 342,408 256,247 146,646
Total land conserved - High Conservation Value (HCV) & Conservation Set Aside (CSA) (ha) 5,884 20,436.50 20,221
Data as at December 2020

Sime Darby Plantation engages ALS Assessors for HCV Assessment or Integrated HCV – HCS Assessment for all new planting activities under RSPO New Planting Procedure (NPP). This commitment is extended to all our suppliers. The reports can be accessed at HCVRN Website.
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