Reducing Inequalities

We view equality and diversity as a business imperative and strive to foster an inclusive culture that is reflective of the richly diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as cultures of the communities where we operate. Efforts to foster mutual respect and the appreciation of cultural diversity continue to be carried out in all our operations.

Female employees make up of about 20% of SDP’s total global workforce. We recognise that women play an important role in economic development and contribute valuable skills, talent and experience to the workplace. This includes providing a conducive and enabling platform for women to achieve greater gender equality in the workplace.
Female Manager Development

We have started a Female Manager Development Programme with the aim to close the gap and provide equal opportunities for women to lead and manage estates and mills. The approach consists of intervention programmes and Blended Learning. The Blended Learning Approach is a combination between formal classroom learning, technical on-the-job trainings that provide technical knowledge and also mentoring or coaching support from female senior management.
Women in our Plantations

All our plantation operations recognise the many challenges facing workers are often concerning those with family responsibilities. SDP observes maternal as well as paternal leaves, in addition to awarding benefits, health protection and employment protection as stipulated at minimum according to statutory requirements such as labour laws and collective agreements.

Our operations also provide appropriate facilities and services to support family well-being, such as the provision of child care centres and access to health care at the operations. We also co-organise mother and child health programmes with local health bodies that include immunisation, baby wellness, maternal check-ups, reproductive health awareness and birth registration as well.

Gender Committee

The Gender Committee is an initiative at our upstream operations involving estates and mills where women are provided a platform to develop and participate in enhancing their safety and health, education, and skills. The Gender Committee organises awareness sessions on breast cancer, financial planning and retirement, and organises community gatherings and events. The Gender Committee discusses issues faced by women in the workplace such as violence and sexual harassments, women's health, financial planning and retirement, and organises community gatherings and events. An important element of the Gender Committee is a grievance platform where workers who are facing issues at the workplace are able to disclose and report with privacy and without fear. A specially- formed unit has been assigned to investigate and receive reports from affected women and handle them with discretion and in accordance with set procedures.
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