Grievance Mechanism

Workers' Voice


Providing and enhancing platforms for workers voices to be heard is extremely important to us at Sime Darby Plantation (SDP). A worker helpline called "Suara Kami", established in 2018, provides an effective channel for our workers to raise any issues they may have. It provides an avenue for our workers to report on their working conditions, recruitment, safety, and other issues. But more importantly, the helpline ensures these issues are handled via clear protocols with consistent attention to follow-up and resolution to the fullest extent possible.

The enhanced helpline strengthens our existing established grievance procedures and whistleblowing channels which are already available for all of our employees and external parties. The independent monitoring by a third party will accord a higher level of transparency and accountability for us to act on our workers' grievances.

Click HERE to view our Standard Operating Procedure of the Suara Kami Helpline.

Watch our Suara Kami Helpline Testimonials
Human Rights Defender Protection

We recognise that Human Rights Defenders have the role and responsibility of upholding human rights and the need for them to be able to lodge complaints in confidence, concerning our business activities. Sometimes, their decision to lodge a complaint may result in risks to their safety and/or security. Therefore, we are committed to prevent harm and award the necessary protection who have been impacted by our business. Click HERE to see our Protection of Human Rights Defender Policy.

Whistleblowing channel
There are also firmly established grievance procedures and whistleblowing channels which all of our employees and external parties are encouraged to use to report on potential ethics, human rights, legal or regulatory violations, including improper or unethical business practices. We commit to investigating all reported incidents and to take appropriate actions where violations have been proven.

Our Grievance Policy provides a framework for non-discriminatory and fair treatment of all cases involving all parties. This includes the lowest organisational management level and/or point of origin. The whistleblowing channel is available on our website in multiple languages and is a secure, anonymous platform for reports of actual, potential, or suspected wrongdoings without fear of repercussions.
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