Community Rights & Inclusive Development

​Community Rights
We protect and respect the rights of communities living within and around our operations by creating a positive impact through proactive engagements and collaborations with various stakeholders.

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment

Social & Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) are econducted as a standard operating procedure before any development begins. Such assessment aims to identify potential environmental or social issues and is used to set out appropriate actions needed to address negative effects.

Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)

We fully respect the customary rights of the communities in the areas that we operate. We also recognise the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People in our planting procedures.

It is essential, for our teams to engage with community leaders and the communities impacted by our projects before development. We share our plan of action for the specific area in a forum session, allowing the community to share their views with us. We will not proceed with development in an area without the express approval from the community or its elected representatives.

Inclusive Development

We want to make a difference and enrich the lives of all people within our operational sphere. We often do this by introducing a range of services to support local communities, including building infrastructures to improve access, providing aid in times of need as well as creating opportunities for economic development.

For most of our operations that are located in remote and rural locations, we support and sometimes take on the role of building or rebuilding infrastructure and facilities such as roads, community halls and health centres. Sime Darby Plantation also sets up facilities that help improve or provide access to basic needs such as clean water, sanitation and education. Through our operations, we also aim to support the livelihoods of local communities through job opportunities, economic growth and alternative livelihood training.

Together with the Sime Darby Foundation, we have supported Corporate Social Responsibility programmes amounting to more than RM127 Million to date. These programmes include initiatives that promote environmental stewardship, community health and well-being, access to universal education, and employee volunteering programmes.
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