Human Rights

At Sime Darby Plantation, we believe that we have a responsibility to respect, support and uphold fundamental human rights.

​In 2017, we launched our Human Rights Charter (HRC) to provide clear guidelines on salient human rights issues within our operations. It also outlines our approach, scope and various commitments. We review and update our Human Rights Charter periodically to reflect our progress and welcome constructive feedback for us to improve.

We adhere to the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We also actively report our human rights progress through our UK Modern Slavery Act Statement.

Our Social Performance as of December 2020

Breakdown of Workforce​


Our Commitments

Our complex supply chains mean we confront a myriad of human rights challenges. We use these as opportunities to work on identifying areas where collective action can create positive change for the industry. Following our establishment of a governance structure, we partnered with SHIFT, a leading centre of expertise on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights on a business learning programme that included an assessment of human rights impacts in our operations. The outcomes from the due diligence programme allowed us to prioritise our efforts in areas where salient human rights risks exist and have the most severe impact.

To date, we have conducted structured assessments in almost 50% of our operations and have identified salient issues through our Human Rights Heat Map. Given the breadth of our operations, we recognised that we needed to implement improvement plans to mitigate risks through a prioritised approach that is unique to the people in locations we operate in.

From our Human Rights Due Diligence programme in Malaysia, the main issues identified are concerning the recruitment of migrant workers and retention of personal documents.

Our Approach to Due diligence governance
Ensuring the well-being of our people

Statements and matters related to Liberty Shared's Petition
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