Fire and Haze Management

Zero Burning Replanting Technique
  • Did you know that Sime Darby Plantation pioneered and commercially introduced the ‘Zero-Burning Replanting Technique’ in 1985?
  • Instead of burning trees, we chopped them down and left them to decompose as fertiliser. This is known as the most environmentally friendly technique, capable of improving soil quality, and has been adopted as the industry standard for oil palm replanting technique, it is now adopted as the industry standard for palm oil replanting.
  • In 1992, Sime Darby Plantation was admitted into the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Global 500 Roll of Honour for Environmental Achievement during the Rio Earth Summit for the development and commercialisation of this technique.

Hotspot Dashboard
  • Fires can be caused by many factors, and is especially prone to occuring during dry seasons. They can occur at our operations, as well as areas of our concessions that are occupied by local communities.
  • As part of our surveillance of fire occurrences in our estates as well as neighbouring areas, we use satellite data to monitor hotspots.
  • Once alerted, we will quickly take action to investigate and put them out to prevent fire from spreading and causing more damage.
  • See how we monitor fire outbreaks with our hotspot dashboard found HERE


5km Radius Zero-Burning Commitment
  • We extend our Zero-Burning Policy to our neighbours to include those in areas within a 5km radius of our estate boundaries.
  • Not only do we assist them to monitor fire occurrences, we help to put out the fires as soon as we are alerted to prevent further damage.
Fire Fighting Teams
  • Fire Fighting Teams at our operations are fully equipped to help put out fires.
  • We ensure that they are trained well and skilfully so that they are able to safeguard our plantations and assist our neighbours, in line with our 5km radius Zero-Burning commitment.


‘Masyarakat Peduli Api’ (Local Communities Fire Awareness Movement)
  • SDP has helped initiate ‘Masyarakat Peduli Api’ within neighbouring local communities in our operations at its Indonesia operations as part of our fire prevention initiatives.
  • The initiative helps increase local communities’ awareness and participation in fire prevention.
Desa Mandiri Cegah Api
  • Our Indonesian subsidiary, Minamas Plantation runs a Community-based Fire Prevention Programme in collaboration with local Indonesian universities
  • It is aim at educating local communities in fire-prone villages around our operations about sustainable agricultural practices.
  • We help them find sustainable and viable alternatives to generate income.
  • The programme has covered 19 villages or about 40,000ha of areas around our operations in Sumatera and South Kalimantan.
  • Read all about this programme HERE.

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