Climate Change Resilience

Recent global studies show consistently rising greenhouse gas emissions and the rapid advance of climate change. Despite some indications of progress on SDG 13 (Climate Change) - there needs to be ambitious and accelerated action to mitigate the effects of climate change.

We are making efforts to minimise our environmental impact through the restoration of degraded land, protection of habitats, and emissions reduction, as well as through our efforts to drive deforestation out of the supply chain. These measures are also integral contributors to the Sustainable Development Goals.
While Sime Darby Plantation (SDP) has faced challenges in meeting our targets to reduce emissions, we have made significant investments to accelerate our ability to achieve our reduction targets through infrastructure to support climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Our Climate Change Response

Overview of SDP's Climate Change Response

Our Climate Change Targets and Indicators
  • Carbon Emission Reduction of 40% by 2030
  • Our carbon emission intensity has reduced 4.7% to 1.01 tCO2-e/mt of CPO produced in 2020 as compared to 1.06 tCO2-e/mt of CPO produced in 2009, which is our baseline year. 
  • Approximately 80% of energy consumed from 2015 to date are from renewable sources 
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