Crosscheck 2.0

We have long made a commitment towards creating a deforestation-free supply chain. As the world’s largest producer of sustainable palm oil, we set out on this journey fully aware that this is a complex challenge involving thousands of producers, and hundreds of thousands of smallholders.

Crosscheck provides visibility on the origin of fruits and crude palm oil we processed. Transparency makes it possible to identify where supply chains are associated with deforestation on the ground. Our supply chain is 97% traceable to mills and 50% traceable to plantations.

On Crosscheck, users can explore;
  • Our supply chains from refineries to plantations and smallholders.
  • Profiles of our and third-party supplier mills combined with Global Forest Watch risk ratings and summary of grievances where applicable.
  • Forest, peat areas and our conservation projects in high value landscapes.
Advances in satellite technology and machine learning enabled us to monitor our suppliers in sensitive landscapes with accuracy and speed. We operate our plantations on No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) standards and extend those expectations to all the companies that supply to us. Please click here to view our ‘Working with Suppliers to Draw the Line on Deforestation’ policy statement.

Leveraging on partnerships, technologies and effective engagements will enable us to make deforestation-free sourcing decisions. This is why traceability is the next frontier in halting deforestation. Our transparent supply chain signals to the world that we are open to work together to solve this complex challenge.

Explore our supply chain with Crosscheck and let us know how and where we can collaborate to raise the bar for the industry and draw the line on deforestation.
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