New Planting

Our New Planting Policy takes into account not only local laws and the Principles and Criteria of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), but also the traditions and practices of the local communities living in the areas of our operations.
Social & Environmental Impact Assessments (SEIA)
Sime Darby Plantation undertakes Social & Environmental Impact Assessments (SEIA) as a standard operating procedure before any development begins. The company does not plant on High Conservation Value (HCV) ground.

As a founding members of RSPO, Sime Darby Plantation respects and fulfils the principles and criteria set. The company has strict policies against the clearing of HCV forests and virgin jungles, graveyards, identified buffer and riparian zones. All of these commitments have been discussed at the RSPO’s RT5-7 summits and have been endorsed by the Board of Directors of Sime Darby Berhad, the parent of Sime Darby Plantation.

Sime Darby Plantation's commitment towards sustainable plantation practices includes maintaining High Conservation Value (HCV) areas in its estates. The following areas will be considered to be maintained as HCV:
natural forests within the estates.
  • Wetland areas
  • River boundaries
  • Water catchments and effluent pond areas
  • Marginal soil areas
  • Areas with slopes of more than 20 degrees gradient
  • Land belonging to local indigenous peoples
As per RSPO's requirement, we shall only use HCV assessors accredited by the HCVRN Assessor Licensing Scheme (ALS) in conducting assessments.
Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)

We fully respect the customary rights of the communities in the areas that we operate, and fulfils the Free, Prior and Informed Consent requirement enshrined under the RSPO Principles & Criteria (Criteria2.3, 6.4 and 7.5), and under Article 32 of UN Declaration of Rights of indigenous People.

Prior to development, our on-ground teams actively engages with community leaders and the community itself. The plan of action for the specific area is shared in a forum session, where two-way communication is practiced between the people and the company. Sime Darby Plantation will not proceed with development in an area where the leaders and the community have not given their express approval. Where appropriate, compensation is paid out to landowners whose lands are being developed.

Sime Darby Plantation does not practice nor condone land grabbing. The company has not and will never forcibly evict the people from their lands.

Our FPIC Process​
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