Ezzaruddin Abdul Rapar

"Ezzaruddin’s love for palm oil is evident each time he speaks to visitors of SDP’s Carey Island Operations. The enthusiastic manager has one task in mind, to share our story on sustainable palm oil cultivation. Find out the reason behind his passion here."

Ezzaruddin Abdul Rapar
Manager, Special Project Upstream Plantation
The experience of growing up in a village close to the border of an oil palm estate has somewhat inspired Ezzaruddin to choose a career at Sime Darby Plantation. Based at our Carey Island operations, the day-to-day work of this young chap involves handling visitors from all walks of life and around the globe who come to visit Sime Darby Plantation to learn more about our oil palm plantation and operations.

When did you join Sime Darby Plantation?
I joined this Company in July 2004, and throughout the years, I have been attached to various estates within the company. I was promoted as the Manager for Special Project under Upstream Plantation in 2015.

What is a typical work-day for you?
Our Carey Island operations is one of the most excellent sites for anyone to learn more about the oil palm, how it is grown sustainably at Sime Darby Plantation, and how it is processed into crude palm oil before further refining into palm products.

We receive a lot of requests from visitors from around the world who would like to learn more about palm oil, most of whom have never been to an oil palm plantation and know very little about this golden crop. My job is to facilitate these requests, manage the schedule and preparation for all these visits, and ensure proper maintenance of our various facilities at our operations, including our Plantation Museum and other heritage properties.

Our objective is not only to make their visit informative but, more importantly, a memorable experience that they can share with others.

What is one of the most challenging tasks you have faced in your job?
The most challenging task in my line of work is also the most exciting part of it. Part of what I do every day is to deliver presentations about the basics of oil palm cultivation and sustainable plantation to our visitors who may come from different backgrounds, knowledge and nationalities. Some may already have a preconceived notion that does not reflect the facts about palm oil and the oil palm plantation at our operations.

The challenge for me is not only to provide the facts but to also be able to answer various queries to put things in perspective and correct any misconception. Ultimately, it is very satisfying when our visitors are well informed at the end of the day and can go home with an enjoyable experience to remember for the rest of their lives.

What’s the best part about your job?
The look on our guests’ faces when they realise what an amazing oil crop the oil palm is – that’s simply priceless to me! I’m proud of Sime Darby Plantation and its many achievements, and to be able to convey this to our visitors, to tell our story and share our heritage with them, that’s awesome too.

Meeting and interacting with new people every day from different parts of the world is also one of the most fun parts of my job.

Who inspires you to be where you are now?
Definitely my family and my upbringing. I think growing up in a village just next to an oil palm estate has somewhat left a mark on me, although I never actually imagined being part of an oil palm plantation company for such a long time.

That has all to do with Sime Darby Plantation itself; it’s truly a great company to be in. It has been a place where I was given the opportunity not just to demonstrate my skills and knowledge but, perhaps more importantly, to grow even further with the guidance that my superiors have provided. My educational background is in Business Administration, which has little to do with agriculture or plantation. Yet, here I am today, working for a plantation company and thoroughly enjoying myself.

What is your life motto?
Don’t judge too fast – get the facts right and always evaluate and weigh two sides of the coin. Learn and appreciate what life has to offer - even when it may not seem clear to you initially. With patience, you will be pleasantly surprised at what awaits ahead.

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