Community-based Fire Prevention Programme

Minamas Plantation embarked on the “Sustainable Community-based Fire Prevention Programme” in 2015 with the aim of educating communities in the fire-prone villages surrounding its operations about sustainable agricultural practices, with ‘zero burning’ policy as the pillar.

The Pilot Programme
5 March 2015 - MoU Signing Ceremony between Minamas and University of Riau for the Sustainable Community-based Fire Prevention Programme in Riau
5 March 2015 - Discussion session from left : Mulyono Prabowo (Kepala Pusat Publik BMKG), Dr. Haris Gunawan (Kepala Pusat Studi Bencana), Drs.H Zulher MS (Kadisbun Propinsi Riau), Prof. Dr. Azwar Maas (Team Ahli Gambut University Gajah Mada), M Romdhon (Minamas) and the moderator
5 March 2015 - Minamas Management Team with members (in red) of Masyarakat Peduli Api (MPA) at PT BNS, Riau

The first programme was implemented in four villages in the vicinity of its subsidiary – PT Bhumireksa Nusasejati (BNS). The programme which was conducted in collaboration with University of Riau (UR) saw the number of hotspots or fires in Desa Teluk Bunian, Desa Pelangiran, Desa Penjuru and Desa Kateman declining from 40 in 2015 to zero in 2016.

7 December 2016 - Mr. Besri Nasrul from the University of Riau giving an insight on the Sustainable Community-based Fire Prevention Programme implemented in the villages in Riau
7 December 2017 - Mr. Roslin Azmy Hassan, Head Plantation Operations of Minamas (extreme left) posing for a group photo with representatives from government agencies, GAPKI and leaders of the farmers group at the closing ceremony of the Sustainable Community-based Fire Prevention Programme in Riau
7 December 2016 - Desa Menggala Teladan farmers in Riau showing journalists how composting of shrubs is effectively done

Following the success of the programme in PT BNS, Minamas Plantation re-engaged UR in April 2016 to implement similar programme at four more fire-prone villages surrounding its subsidiaries namely PT Aneka Inti Persada and PT Tunggal Mitra Plantation. The villages were Desa Kuala Gasib, Desa Tualang Timur, Desa Pematang Damar, Desa Mandala Teladan. The programme succeeded in reducing the number of hotspots or fires in these villages from 36 in the previous year to zero.

South Kalimantan

This second phase also saw Minamas expanding the programme to South Kalimantan in collaboration with University Lambung Mangkurat (ULM). Seven villages surrounding PT Bersama Sejahtera Sakti, PT Laguna Mandiri, and PT Langgeng Muaramakmur were involved. The seven villages were Desa Bepara, Desa Harapan Baru, Desa Binturung, Desa Lintang Jaya, Desa Wanorejo, Desa Bekambit and Desa Sejakah. Hotspots or fires in these areas were reduced from 36 in the previous year to zero.

18 April 2016 - MoU Signing between Minamas Plantation with University of Lambung Mangkurat and University of Riau for the extension of the Sustainable Community-based Fire Prevention Programme
3 November 2016 -Top management from Minamas Plantation with representatives from the local government, police and academicians from UNLAM at the closing ceremony of the Sustainable Community-based Fire Prevention Programme in South Kalimantan
3 November 2016 - Farmers of Desa Sejakah in South Kalimantan demonstrating the making of compost from undergrowth and farm wastes which are usually burned during land clearing


The extension of the programme in Jambi has been implemented in collaboration with the University of Jambi. The MoU was signed in August 2017. Four villages (Desa Gambut Jaya, Desa Sumber Agung, Desa Parit and Desa Arang-arang) surrounding PT Bahari Gembira Ria (BGR) are involved.
The farmers (in green) from the nearby villages who are involved in the Community-based Fire Prevention Programme
with Head, Plantation Operations of Minamas Plantation, Mr. Roslin Azmy Hassan (far left),
Prof. H.
Johni Najwan from Jambi University (2nd from right) and district police officers (far right and 2nd from left)
during the closing ceremony in Jambi on 4 April 2018.


4 April 2018 - Chilli farmers in Sumber Agung Village are now empowered through
the Community-based Fire Prevention Programme and are following the ‘Zero-burning’ farming practice


The latest Community-based Fire Prevention Programme was signed in Palembang between PT Guthrie Pecconina Indonesia (GPI) and Sriwijaya Universiy in September 2017. Five villages are involved in this programme including Desa Rantau Panjang, Desa Karang Ringin II, Desa Gajah Mati, Desa Ulak Seberau and Desa Karang Anyar.

Moving Forward

To date, the programme has covered 19 villages or about 40,000 ha of area surrounding six Minamas Plantation’s subsidiaries in Riau and South Kalimantan. This programme will be continued to cover villages surrounding other subsidiaries, and the next phase will see the project being introduced in areas surrounding other estates in Sumatera.
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