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In 2009, we became one of the first companies in the world to successfully sequence, assemble and annotate the oil palm genome, called GenomeSelect™, which is a new oil palm breed developed through genomic selection and prediction process. GenomeSelect™ has the potential to deliver oil yield improvements of up to 15% (as compared to our current commercial offering, Calix 600) on our existing land.  

This is a major milestone that will allow us to produce significantly higher oil yields equivalent to 50,000ha of new land, without having to increase our planted hectarage! It is truly in line with our sustainability commitment to increase yields, whilst minimising green and brown field expansions. 

In recognition of our achievement in developing the GenomeSelect™ oil palm, we were awarded the Bronze award for Sustainability, under the Energy & Sustainability category at the 2017 Edison Awards - the first Malaysian company to achieve this feat! Click here to read more about our Edison Award achievement 

Our first large-scale planting of GenomeSelect™ has commenced in 2016 over 100 Ha of land. The upscaling of seed production is underway and we plan to plant a further 500 Ha by April 2018. The technology will continue to be scaled over the next few years to full capacity and currently, we have also started to use it to develop the next generation of palms that are not only tolerant to drought but can also be harvested more efficiently.

Other Key Initiatives

Super Family Dami seeds
In addition to Genome Select planting materials, we have also embarked on the research and production of another high yielding planting material – the new Dami seed progenies, which are oil palm seeds produced from the best elite parent palms of high producing palm hybrids to achieve high and consistent yield in the long-term. Over time, these new planting materials are expected to deliver better oil yield improvements as compared to our current planting materials.

Industry leading initiatives 
We are also exploring and scaling up the following initiatives: 
  • effective water management and conservation practices, including irrigation system for drier, inland soils and water management for coastal areas and areas with high water table;
  • enhancing our mechanisation and automation through robotic harvesters, automated loose fruit collectors and concept harvesting machines which will contribute to worker reduction, improved productivity and cost savings;
  • advanced milling and latest extraction technologies through continuous processing, integrated processing complex, minimum GHG emissions and zero discharge; and 
  • digitisation which allows for effective process monitoring, higher productivity, efficient decentralised decision making as well as eliminating the need for routine and repetitive paperwork. Our efforts in this involve exploring technologies in drone monitoring for speedy intervention and digitised supervision. We are among the first in the Malaysian oil palm industry to successfully connect upstream operations to estate fields digitally, through our Sime Darby Digital Supervision (“SDDS”) and Sime Darby Plantation Estate, Mill and Upstream Applications (“SEMUA 2.0”). 

Customer-driven product innovation in downstream 
Our Premium Quality Oil which offers low free fatty acids oil blends (<1.2% free fatty acids) are produced from our upstream operations are used as feedstock for our refineries, to produce high value, differentiated products in the food sector. 
Examples of such products include infant formula with low 3-MCPD levels, “Certio” branded red palm olein, a premium quality frying oil, and bakery and confectionery applications branded under “Pastrex”, “GoldBake”, “Master Craft” and “Vemor”. 
The customers of our differentiated products in the food sector are largely made up of renowned FMCG companies. Currently, we have modified and expanded our milling and refinery capacity to increase production of Premium Quality Oil to cater for these opportunities.

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