Safety & Health

"Come to work safely, do your work safely, and return to your loved ones safely."
- Datuk Franki Anthony Dass
Safety is of paramount importance to us. At Sime Darby Plantation, we strive for safety excellence, not only for our employees but also their families, the contractors who work for us and local communities in the areas of our operations. We have put in place various measures to improve our safety performance and inculcate a safety culture within our operations. 
Transport & Machinery Safety
Improving Transport and Machinery Safety
From planting, milling right up to the refining of palm oil into various products, the utilisation of transportation and machinery is something that cannot be avoided. Therefore, the safety of our people during these operations is a key focus.

We look at two main factors in ensuring safety during operation of machinery or transport; the equipment aspect and the human aspect. We strive to ensure all our machinery and equipment are in proper working condition and are equipped with adequate safety features. Our SOPs on machinery operation are also continuously reviewed and improved where possible to ensure that the highest safety standards are met.

Harvesting Safety
Harvesting oil palm fruit bunches is an arduous labour-intensive skill that presents risks to our workers’ safety. We have initiated harvesting safety programme to reduce risks associated with the use, storage and transport of sickles, the main tool used to harvest fruit bunches.

We have developed a communication campaign around “The 5 Golden Rules of Harvesting Safety:”

  • Use sickle with the right technique
  • Use only approved sickle and sickle cover
  • Ensure the sickles are stored in the designated area
  • Transport and carry the sickles with the approved and correct method
  • Periodically conduct inspections on the sickle cover

Chemical Safety
Achieving Zero Chemical Safety Incidents
Some of our employees are required to work with chemicals that may be hazardous, if handled improperly. Therefore, to protect them from harm, we continue to inculcate the goal of zero chemical safety incidents through the 5 Golden Rules for Chemical Safety.

Furthermore, as part of the Product Stewardship Programme, chemical suppliers must provide training for their products.

Our R&D centres are also currently working on finding a safer chemical for trunk injections that will eliminate the use of one of the few remaining hazardous chemicals in our workplace.

Our concerted efforts have yielded results as we have achieved zero chemical safety incident in FY2014.

Engineering & Construction Safety
We believe that Engineering and Construction Safety is crucial in our daily operation. We make sure that the risks to safety and health during the construction stage and during subsequent use and maintenance, shall be identified and significantly reduced. Since early 2015, we have developed and implemented Design Safety Guidelines to monitor and ensure safety performance at engineering project sites.

The documents provide guidelines to design structures and buildings as per best safety practices, Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA) standards and regulations, as well as Factories and Machinery Act (FMA) requirements. 

Contractor Safety
We strive to provide a safe working environment for everyone, be it employees, visitors or contractors at our operating units. In the past, a number of accidents relating to contractor occurred within our operations and this raised high concerns on the safety practices of contractors working in our operation; especially contract works using heavy vehicles including lorries, excavators, tractors, backhoes etc..

Therefore, we have set safety guidelines for our operating units to follow in cases where breakdowns of contractor vehicle occur while doing work in the operating unit.

We have also made it compulsory for all the contractors to attend project kick-off meeting before the start of any construction/ project work. The meeting shall identify and discuss hazards and risks associated to the job and agree on the acceptable control measures.

S.I.M.E. Programme
We firmly believe that self-regulation and accident prevention are key in embedding ESH culture in our operations. The S.I.M.E. (Spot, Intervene, Modify, Execute) programme enhances this goal. 

The S.I.M.E. programme is a Behavioural-based Safety (BBS) programme intended to nurture an accident prevention culture and encourage employee participation. Employees are encouraged to produce cards when they witness unsafe acts in the workplace. These cards are then compiled and analysed as a basis for improvement. This programme continues to gain traction as we can see an increase in card issuance on a year-on-year basis, signifying a stronger awareness on safety amongst our employees.

Ebola Preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP)
Due to the recent major Ebola outbreak in 2014 in West Africa, we have taken proactive measure to develop an Ebola Preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP) to guide all our operations around the world to prepare for any possible spread of Ebola in the region.

EPRP defines the procedures in dealing with the possible risk of an Ebola outbreak in West Africa and was developed based on WHO Guidelines.
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