Our Sustainability Journey

As the world´s largest producer of certified sustainable palm oil, Sime Darby Plantation plays a leading role in the development and promotion of sustainable practices in the palm oil sector. We are a founding member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and we seek to advance the production, procurement and use of sustainable oil palm products.

Our commitment to sustainable development resonates with the Group's brand promise of Delivering Sustainable Futures. We believe that there is no alternative to sustainable development. We work closely with our business partners who are as committed to sustainability and social responsibility as we are. As we continue on this journey, we welcome constructive feedback and dialogue at all times. 

We appreciate that the journey to achieve sustainability is not something we can undertake on our own and thus we actively engage with all our stakeholders in order to help us achieve our targets for sustainable development.

Performance Snapshot
World’s largest supplier of fully-segregated, traceable, and RSPO-certified palm oil 385,000 tonnes annual capacity.

Sustainability Performance Snapshot FY 2015/16


Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil





Sime Darby Plantation's Supply Chain

  • Fully Segregated Supply Chain for Sustainable CPO.
  • With a capacity of 385,000 tonnes annually, every shipment of palm oil through our fully segregated supply chain is completely traceable down to its supplying estate and mill.
  • This means that consumers can be completely assured that all the palm oil used in their products are from sustainable sources.

  Estate Mill Downstream Processing
Key Initiatives Biodiversity protection, ERT tree planting, field audits, 5S implementation, organic fertiliser application Biogas capture, continuous improvement initiatives including LSS and 5S, emission controls, oil extraction rate (OER) enhancement Sime Darby Innovation Centres create specialised solutions for customers in diverse markets
R&D Efforts Seeds development, biotechnology applications, plantation advisory services Processing technology, waste management, advisory services Anti-obesity oils and fats, enzymatic rearrangement to reduce chemical usage, Vitamin E production
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