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High Carbon Stock Study
In 2014, the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto, of which Sime Darby Plantation is a signatory, commissioned the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Science Study, which was aimed at clearly defining what constitutes a HCS forest, and establish HCS thresholds that takes into account not only environmental concerns but also socio-economic and political factors in developing and emerging economies. The HCS Science Study, which is supported by a wide range of stakeholders worldwide, has proposed HCS+ as a guide for oil palm growers to develop plantations that are carbon neutral, conflict-free, transparent and equitable to all stakeholders.

The HCS Science Study concluded in December 2015 and as part of its commitment to the study and the manifesto, Sime Darby Plantation is currently conducting trials for the HCS+ Approach in its operations in Liberia. As a signatory to the SPOM, we will also trial the HCS Approach, as per recommendation in the final report of the HCS Study.
Overview Report

Independent Report from the Technical Committee.pdf

Gabon Case Study
French - Étude de cas au Gabon – La méthodologie HCS+ testée sur le terrain

Extended Summary
Chinese - 技术委员会独立报告 – 延伸摘要
French - Rapport indépendant du Comité technique – Résumé détaillé
Indonesian - Laporan Independen Komite Teknik – Ringkasan Lengkap
Spanish - Informe Independiente del Comité Técnico - Resumen ampliado

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