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HCS Convergence Agreement 

Following a year of intensive work, the HCS Convergence Working Group announced in Bangkok that they have reached agreement on convergence between the HCSA and HCS+ approaches. The Group has agreed on a single, coherent set of principles for implementation of companies’ commitments to “no deforestation” in their palm oil operations and supply chains. The members of the Group worked together constructively to develop recommendations that provide a roadmap forward for addressing the issues that remain in a collaborative and integrated way.
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The agreement outlines:

Fundamental elements of the converged methodology that protects HCS forests, HCV areas and peatlands, including forest stratification and decision-making in "young regenerating forest" within fragmented landscapes, the role of carbon and robust implementation of FPIC and other social requirements;
The intention for functional and institutional integration of HCS with the HCV Resource Network; and
A roadmap for resolving outstanding issues through a collaborative process.
The recommendations will be incorporated into the revised HCSA Toolkit and the members of the Group are committed to further the implementation of these recommendations and to address the important remaining issues through their engagement in the HCSA Steering Group. In addition, the agreement will be reflected in the policies and positions of the organizations endorsing this agreement and the revised HCSA toolkit will be implemented by the companies when it is issued in early 2017.

High Carbon Stock Study

In 2014, the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto, of which Sime Darby Plantation is a signatory, commissioned the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Science Study, which was aimed at clearly defining what constitutes a HCS forest, and establish HCS thresholds that takes into account not only environmental concerns but also socio-economic and political factors in developing and emerging economies. The HCS Science Study, which is supported by a wide range of stakeholders worldwide, has proposed HCS+ as a guide for oil palm growers to develop plantations that are carbon neutral, conflict-free, transparent and equitable to all stakeholders.




French - Étude de cas au Gabon – La méthodologie HCS+ testée sur le terrain


Chinese - 技术委员会独立报告 – 延伸摘要
French - Rapport indépendant du Comité technique – Résumé détaillé
Indonesian - Laporan Independen Komite Teknik – Ringkasan Lengkap
Spanish - Informe Independiente del Comité Técnico - Resumen ampliado


Biomass Soil Carbon Remote Sensing Socio-Economic
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