Sustainability Principles & Values

Delivering Economic Growth
  • Generate respectable profits without sacrificing long-term economic value creation
  • Continuously improve operational efficiency and sustainable production
Respect for the Environment
  • No deforestation of primary and virgin forest; zero peatland planting
  • Promote global environmental responsibility through strict compliance to statutory guidelines and regulations
  • Encourage the development and use of environmentally friendly designs and technologies
  • Commit and devote resources towards the protection of wildlife ecosystem
Respect for Community
  • Improve lives in countries where we operate
  • Respect fundamental human rights and social values
  • Remediate instances of adverse human rights within our operations
  • Endeavour to advance respect for human rights within our sphere of influence
Accountability & Transparency to Stakeholders
  • Accountable and transparent to our stakeholders on the company's sustainability, safety & health, and quality strategies, objectives and performance
  • Good corporate governance and high ethical values
  • Engage with all stakeholders – including government, regulators, NGOs, and communities
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