Renewables Overview

Business unusual - Sime Darby Renewables (SDR) aspires to re-define the traditional oil palm industry

Our Approach

SDR seeks to invest in complementary and integrated platform to leverage the various products and by-products along the palm oil value chain, transforming these into high value-added goods. At the core of SDR’s business is the investment and development of innovative technologies in the bio-chemicals, nutraceuticals & wellness and bio-energy space. As the world’s largest sustainable palm oil producer, Sime Darby is in the position to stimulate the growth and innovation in the renewables industry. With strong cross-sectorial networks, coupled with extensive R&D capabilities along the palm oil value chain, and more importantly the access to potential feedstock, SDR is in a strong position to complement and support the commercialisation of our portfolio companies.

Our Portfolio of Companies

SDR aims to create a symbiotic portfolio of sustainable businesses in the industrial biotechnology sphere and invest in promising technologies at the point of pre-commercialisation. Portfolio of companies will be nurtured and incubated in an entrepreneurial ecosystem where management, relevant expertise and strength in local networks will be collectively leveraged on.

Biosynthetic Technologies, based in Irvine, California, manufactures a revolutionary new class of bio-based synthetic molecules that are made from organic fatty acids found in plant oils, including palm-based materials. These highly-functional “biosynthetic” oils have numerous uses in the lubricant, chemical, and cosmetics industries, often outperforming their petroleum counterparts in similar applications. In addition to their high-performance properties, these renewable oils are biodegradable and nontoxic.

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Initiated by Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), MYBiomass is a joint-venture with Felda Global Ventures and Sime Darby to pioneer high value green chemicals biorefinery through coordinated aggregation. MYBiomass acts as a focal point for the supply of biomass and an intermediate opportunity provider between suppliers, technology providers, centre of excellences (COEs), and downstream users, aimed to produce high value green chemicals for pharmaceuticals, materials, and energy industries.

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Verdezyne, based in Carlsbad, California, is focused on developing unique fermentation processes for producing drop-in alternatives to petroleum derived chemicals from sustainable materials, including palm-based products and by products. These highly valuable drop-in chemical intermediates are used in a wide range of industries ranging from nylon and fibers to coatings, lubricants and thermoplastic.

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Contacting Sime Darby Renewables

Through its Renewables arm, Sime Darby, armed with the necessary feedstock and R&D capabilities, seeks to partner with emerging and established chemical companies globally to unlock greater value, creating a win-win situation.

We are open to the following business development routes:
  • Strategic institutional investor
  • Joint ventures in bio-refineries
  • Consultative partner

To get in touch, our contact details are as follows:

Azli Razali
Head, Sime Darby Renewables
Phone: +603-78484004

Dr Hirzun Mohd Yusof
Vice President, Sime Darby Renewables
Phone: +603-78485412

Lee Ming Wei
Manager, Sime Darby Renewables
Phone: +603-78484005