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Golden Hope Nha Be started operation in 1992 with the consumer brand “Victory”. Our company was the first in Vietnam to hold a refinery system with the capacity of 160 tonnes per day.

In 2003, a new refinery plant was opened in Ho Chi Minh City increasing the production capacity to 300 tonnes per day.

With the bigger refining capacity, Golden Hope Nha Be was set to make further inroads to penetrate the Indochinese market and strengthen its presence in Cambodia.

We produce RBD Olein, RBD Soybean, Vegetables Cooking Oil, Shortening and tailor-made products for the snacks and confectionary industries. Marvela is one of the top three cooking oil brands in Vietnam with the main consumer products are Marvela and Ong Tao.

Year Description
1992 The company started its operation with the consumer brand “Victory”.
1993 Changed the brand name from “Victory” to “Marvela”.
2000 Launched the “Ong Tao” brand for its palm olein cooking oil.
2003 A new refinery plant was opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
2005 Launched Marvela Soyabean and Super Olein brand. Granted Certificate of ISO 9001-2000.
2007 With the merger of Sime Darby, Guthrie and Golden Hope, Golden Hope Nha Be became a part of the largest palm oil plantation company in the world.
2010 Refreshing label for Marvela Cooking Oil, Ong Tao and Super Olein brand.
2013 Launched the new version for Marvela Soyabean with new bottle design.
2014 Launched the new brand called “Marvela A&D3” to replace the Marvela Cooking Oil.
2015 Launched “Marvela Gold E” brand for its sunflower, soybean and palm olein blended cooking oil.



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