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Dairy Replacer

Vegetable oils and fats serves as good alternatives for milk fat. When using these fats, known as dairy fat alternatives (DFA), in applications, one of the major advantages is that it contains more unsaturated fatty acids compared to milk fat. DFA’s are also a less expensive substitute. On top of that, it has a delicious buttery aroma and is great for both applications; cooking or baking. Our DFAs have a great taste and the appropriate melting behaviour of milk fat. Melting behaviour of a product determines the release of flavours and affects taste perception. Our products also feature correct crystallization (behaviour/pattern) and stability, a crucial aspect for the applications of the dairy fat alternatives. 
Application & Products
Yoghurt, Soured Products, Coffee Creamer, Ice Cream, Frozen Foods, Butter Blends, Cheese, Cream & Whipping Cream, Beverages, Condensed Milk, UHT Milk

Butter Oil Substitute, Vegetable Ghee, Milk Fat Replacer
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