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Dairy Replacer

Milk Fat Replacer
The use of milk fat replacers, which are vegetable oil-based alternatives for milk fats, produces finished products at a favourable cost and is cholesterol-free. We offer a variety of milk fat replacers which have great taste and are designed to simulate the same profile and application effect of milk fat. Applications of our milk fat replacers with formulated fat blends include dairy products such as cheese, butter, ice cream, yoghurt, coffee creamer and whipping cream.
Joma Milk Fat Replacer
Dairy Fat Replacer (D'FAR)

Cream Fat
We offer a range of cream fats made from selected vegetable oils which are suitable for non-dairy coffee and beverage creamers, fillings and whipping cream. Our products offer advantages such as improved shelf life, good flavor release, smooth consistency and cost-effectiveness. Our range of cream fats can be customized in terms of solid fat content profile contingent upon your end product application.

Butter Oil Substitute
Our range of butter oil substitutes are specially formulated to simulate the same melting profile of butter and to impart buttery taste, excellent plasticity and smooth consistency. Our products are perfect for coffee roasting, cream fillings and whipping cream.
Butter Oil Substitutes

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