Umfeed® is our brand for the animal feed industry. The digestion system of an animal is a complex matter and the right fat is important for the energy and digestion. With our unique blending facilities, we can produce healthy animal feed which can include lecithin or Vitolio® .

We are a trustworthy supplier of oils & fats for the feed industry for decades. For the feed industry we have two main series. Umfeed® 100 Fat for Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) and Umfeed® 200 Fat for Pet food.

Umfeed® 100 Fats for Calf Milk Replacer (CMR)
  • The growing body of a calf is changing every week. Our experience in vegetable fats and the feed industry, especially making fat ingredients and fat based additives in the right proportions, to breed the calves healthy.

Umfeed® 200 Fats for Pet Food
  • Vegetable fat is an important part for the growing pet. With nearly 100 years’ experience in vegetable fats and decades of experience in the pet food industry, we are able to help you select the right Umfeed® product.

We also can blend Umfeed® with natural additives to enhance your product with value added ingredients. One example is enhancing Umfeed® with hydrolysed lecithin. The main advantage of hydrolysed lecithin is that it contains phospholipids/phosphatides. This will absorb the proteins better in the bloodstream of the animal. Another application which is important for the animal pet food are Umfeed® coating fats. This will protect dried pet food against bacteria and breaking.
** Can't find what you are looking for within our standard range of products? Please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced technical support team for assistance / advice on the option of tailoring products to meet your particular needs!
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