KEMKOTE KK (Cream Fat)

KEMKOTE KK is a good quality confectionery fat made from hydrogenated and fully refined vegetable oils and fractions.

It is used as a total replacer of cocoa butter for the manufacture of compound chocolate coatings in non-critical applications such as short-life coatings on bakery products.

It is recommended for use in fillings or centres for biscuits and confectionery, chocolate vermicelli and manufacture of caramels and toffees. It can replace butter fat in non-diary products such as coffee whiteners and whippable toppings. It is also suitable for use as a milk fat replacer in ice-cream mix.

Confectionery coatings prepared using KEMKOTE KK form crystals on rapid cooling without tempering. The amount of cocoa butter in the recipe should not exceed 5% of the total fat content. Therefore only low-fat cocoa powder is recommended.

KEMKOTE KK has excellent heat resistance and formulated specially for warmer climates. It shows high stability against oxidation and is free from active lipases.

It is compatible with KEMFAT CF fats and can be blended in any proportion.
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