Certio Premium Frying Oil

Ideal for demanding frying applications especially in the fast food industry, Certio Premium Frying Oil offers excellent colour stability such that frying activities can be carried out for *40% more than PORAM grade palm oil and palm olein without compromising on the quality of taste. This ultimately contributes to reduced oil wastage, improved productivity with *50% extra frying life when topped up, and better cost savings of 20-50%.
*Performance is subject to the frying method and frying substrates

Premium Quality Palm Olein
Ideal for all types of cooking, stir-frying, deep frying, sautéing and baking. Recommended for deep-frying of noodles, doughnuts, snacks and chips.

Premium Quality Palm Oil
Suitable for industrial frying, bakery application, and can also be applied in culinary and frozen products.

Premium Quality Shortening
Suitable for doughnut, instant noodles, fast food, industrial frying, and bakery application.

It does not require post-refining upon arrival as the freshness of the oil is protected from harvesting to storage. This minimizes chemical and physical degradative processes so that oil quality is never compromised. Moreover, the oil’s remarkably slow oxidation and polymerization rates delay the onset of rancidity in food. As such, the oil enables longer hours of crispiness and freshness in fast food and extends shelf life of chips and instant noodles by 3-5 months.

Superior colour stability and greater frying life
  • Significantly slower rate in colour change
  • Significantly slower rate in TPC formation
  • Significantly lower FFA content
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