An Island Doctor on Call

Dr Paul Bosawai Popora, the doctor featured in the video entitled An Island Doctor on Call was a recipient of the GPPOL scholarship and was trained at the National Cheng Kung University’s College of Medicine with his earlier years of study funded by the MOFA Taiwan Scholarship Programme.
The heart-warming inspirational video is about Dr Popora’s dedication towards serving his community in Solomon Islands. There are two doctors per 10,000 people in Solomon Islands, far below the 14.89 doctors per 10,000 people of the world average.
The video was made by a film crew engaged by the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs that visited the island recently, and over the last 10 years or so, Taiwan has been quietly assisting in the training of over 70 medical personnel from the country.
Click on the image below to watch the video or you can find it on YouTube by typing An Island Doctor On Call.
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