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In Indonesia, Sime Darby Plantation is represented by its subsidiary Minamas Plantation, which was set up in April 2001 and headquartered in Jakarta. It has a presence in eight provinces with a total landbank of 289,422 hectares out of which 204,466 are planted with oil palm, representing approximately 71% of the company’s total planted area.

With 71 estates and 23 SOUs (Strategic Operating Units) located in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, Minamas upstream operations produced 3.946 million metric tonnes of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) and 1,053,311 metric tonnes of crude palm oil in the 2012/2013 financial year.

Estate locations
Aceh 4
Jambi 1
Riau 12
Sumatera Selatan 8
Kalimantan Tengah 10
Kalimantan Selatan 23
Kalimantan Barat 12
Sulawesi 1
Total 71

Mill locations
Aceh 1
Jambi 1
Riau 5
Sumatera Selatan 2
Kalimantan Tengah 3
Kalimantan Selatan 9
Kalimantan Barat 3
Sulawesi 1
Total 25


Zone MT/ha Zone MT/ha
Kalimantan (Central) 23.83 Sumatera (South) 17.03
Kalimantan (West) 13.00 Sumatera (East Aceh) 13.61
Kalimantan (South) 17.85 Sumatera (Jambi) 17.32
Sulawesi (Central) 17.85 Sumatera (Riau) 18.87

Out of the 23 PTs in Indonesia, 20 PTs have received the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification while the rest were audited for certification. Today, Minamas Plantation produces 942,945 metric tonnes of certified sustainable palm oil and 189,884 metric tonnes of certified sustainable palm kernels. Total certified planted hectares are 196,321 Ha.

RSPO is one of leading international standard for sustainable palm oil, and Plantation Upstream Indonesia remain committed to continuously sustain RSPO certification for palm oil operations.

Aside the RSPO certification, on March 2013, two of our subsidiary – PT. Swadaya Andika and PT. Laguna Mandiri – also receive an Indonesia’s Sustanainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification from Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture. While two other subsidiaries company – PT. Langgeng Muara Makmur and PT. Paripurna Swakarsa – are now also on final process of verification as the ISPO certification awardee.

And by the end of 2014, all of our subsidiaries company are planned to receive the ISPO certification as obliged by the Indonesia’s government.

To facilitate yield enhancement and quality improvement, an agricultural research station, Minamas Research Centre located in the Riau Province carries out experiments to enhance the yield and improve the quality and processes for the upstream operations.

Awards and Achievements

National Zero Accident Award

In 2011, about seven of Minamas Plantation Subsidiaries received National Zero Accident Award, namely: Rantau Panjang Mill, Rantau Panjang Estate, Manggala Mill, KKPA Guthrie Pecconina Indonesia, PT Lahan Tani Sakti, (Alur Dumai Estate and Mill), Teluk Siak Mill, PT Bahari Gembira Ria (Ladang Panjang Estate and Mill). These achievements implement occupational safety and health program that reaches 1,000,000 hours or three years work without accident.

The following year, 2012, nine Minamas Plantation subsidiaries received National Zero Accident Award, namely: Pemantang Mill, Angsana Mill, Angsana Mini Mill, Rantau Mill, Alur Dumai Mill, Rantau Panjang Estate, Rantau Panjang Mill, Guthie Peconina-KKPA and Ladang Panjang Estate.

And this year, 2013, fifteen subsidiaries received the award, namely: Pemantang Mill, Angsana Mill, Angsana Mini Mill, Rantau Mill, Teluk Siak Mill, Manggala Mill, Teluk Siak Estate, Aneka Persada Estate, Pinang Sebatang Estate, Rantau Panjang Estate, Bumi Ayu Estate, GPI KKPA Estate, Manggala 1 Estate, Manggala 2 Estate, Manggala 3 Estate.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

RSPO Certified Awards for 20 out of 23 units, namely: PT Sime Indo Argo, PT Indo Truba Tengah, PT Teguh Sempurna, PT Kridatama Lancar, PT Bersama Sejahtera Sakti, PT Ladang Rumpun Suburabadi, PT Sajang Heulang, PT Langgeng Muara Makmur, PT Laguna Mandiri, PT Paripurna Swakarsa, PT Swadaya Andika, PT Tamaco Graha Krida, PT Tunggal Mitra Plantation, PT Aneka Inti Persada, PT Lahan Tani Sakti, PT Bhumireksa Nusa Sejati, PT Bahari Gembira Ria, PT Bina Sains Cemerlang, PT Guthrie Pecconina Indonesia and PT Padang Palma Permai.

Indonesia’s Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture to PT. Swadaya Andika and PT. Laguna Mandiri.

A PROPER Environment BLUE Rank (Peringkat BIRU) for our seven subsidiary companies from The Ministry of Environment on PROPER Environment Award 2012, namely PT Bersama Sejahtera Sakti (Gunung Aru Mill), PT Laguna Mandiri (Rantau Mill), PT Ladang Rumpun Suburabadi (Angsana Mill), PT Sajang Heulang (Angsana Mini Mill), PT Indotruba Tengah (Sekunyir Mill), PT Aneka Inti Persada (Teluk Siak Mill), and PT Guthrie Pecconina Indonesia.

Benefiting the local communities

As a founding member of the RSPO, the welfare of communities in its areas of operation takes utmost precedence, with their economic well being given careful consideration and top priority.

In Indonesia where Minamas has a total workforce of about 38,000 people, the communities in the vicinity of its operations benefit from the increased economic activities and development in these areas.

Infrastructure enhancement including the construction of houses, roads, schools, clinics, religious houses, crèches and other public amenities are constantly ongoing as part of Minamas’ effort to elevate the quality of life of the local communities.

To date, Minamas has provided more than 24,000 houses for its employees. Number of central medical clinics in Kalimantan and Sumatera has increased to 29, medical clinics to 44 and day care centres to 163.

In 2011, Minamas has also offered 55 scholarships to dependents of employees, dependents of nearby communities with plantation as well as students who excel in Colleges and Universities in Indonesia. While in 2012, the recipients of Minamas’s scholarships programme has increased into 72 awardees. Total of 196 educational scholarships have been provided to students since 2009.


Minamas has a total workforce of about 38,000 across its operations, providing job opportunities for communities in and surrounding its operations. The stable income stream has helped elevate the quality of life for these communities.

Over the years, the number of training and career development programmes has increased significantly with a total of over 30,000 hours training by 1,050 participants in FY2012/2013 compared to 25,000 hours by 1,616 participants in FY2011/2012. The training courses range from in-house organised to public training sessions.

In accordance to the respective labour laws, Minamas employees maintain a 40-hour week schedule while being entitled to annual leave and benefits. Employees also enjoy the freedom of association to a worker’s union, in this case the Federasi Serikat Pekerja Minamas Plantation.

Plasma schemes

The Plasma scheme, which was first conceived as part of the Indonesian government’s transmigration programme in the 1980s to achieve a more balanced demographic-geographical spread of population is also ongoing.

Sime Darby Plantation, through Minamas has successfully implemented the Plasma scheme in its Indonesian operations to assist the local communities with means to make a living by becoming independent plantation growers. Minamas is committed to purchase fresh fruit bunches (FFB) produced by smallholders’ plantations under the Plasma scheme.

While waiting for the maturity of the plantation, the smallholders are employed by the company and educated on the finer aspects of oil palm cultivation. Currently, there are about 41,415 hectares of oil palm planted on Plasma / KKPA schemes in Minamas producing 658.467 metric tons fresh fruit bunches (FFB) in the last financial year 2012/13.

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