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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the use of holistic and compatible methods of pest and disease control to reduce economic injury.

Sime Darby through its inherited research, experience and breakthroughs in IPM is a pioneer in the industry. Sime Darby Plantation has chosen a balanced IPM over use of chemical pesticides. IPM removes the overdependence on pesticides, making the process more sustainable. The typical pests within an oil palm estate include rats, bagworms, nettle caterpillars and rhinoceros beetles.

These pests are controlled using:

  • Direct bio-control agents such as viruses and fungi to infect the pests such as Cordyceps to manage the population of the nettle caterpillar.

  • Predatory animals/insects such as barn owls that feed on pests namely rats to control their population. Barn owls and snakes keep check on the rodent population, while predatory insects, parasitoids and entomo-fungi eliminate lead-defoliating insects.Beneficial plants are cultivated to provide shelter and supplementary food such as nectar in encouraging the population of predators and parasites.

  • Environment-friendly insecticides. Insecticides are only resorted to in outbreak situation where natural enemy pressure is no longer sufficient to manage the pest population. Once the situation is within control, natural controls will be reactivated.

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